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Bioflics are short video stories all about the brand called YOU. These personal branding videos help you stand out, project what you want the world to know about yourself and reap the benefits of this projection. These digital media videos can be serialised as they highlight your unique brand promise. Your bioflic is `YOU' as your best version.


bioflic.com is a niche' service which helps you create your bioflic/s. We design them to be powerful as you share your authentic self, which fosters emotional connect with those who make a difference to your life, both personal & professional.  Since its difficult to SEE yourself if YOU  are in the frame, we craft your story as you share your knowledge and expertise to create a positive impact on those who matter. 


bioflic.com is the creation of Rima Chibb. "I am inspired by the extraordinary zest of some of the people around me. Each one of us has a story that defines who we are and what we do. Bioflics are YOUR video stories that periodically capture precious nuggets of your life that are worth sharing and archiving. We create YOUR movies so that you can Be You, Share Yourself and Create Impact". 

Packages on Offer

Take Off

You are buzzing with excitement as you start off on your idea, passion, life or career and you want people to know, collaborate, join and strengthen your vision. This is our value for money offering as we’ll guide you to record a decent quality video of yours and happily treat existing pictures, amateur videos to create your bioflic. In case you want us to shoot, we’ll pitch-in as well. 


You are an achiever and need your network to recognise the value you bring as a domain expert, master trainer and contributor for your domain. You have insights and wisdom to enrich the ecosystem around you. We’ll work on your strengths, develop your brand, script your story, shoot, edit and package the video and project your identity.  

Sun Kissers

You are a visionary, entrepreneur, game changer and thought leader. You are at the peak of fulfillment of your professional and personal goals.  You have accumulated wealth of knowledge, experience and wisdom and are an inspiration to others. Your bioflic would be personally curated by Rima. She will take you through an exciting journey of video story telling to arrive at the suitable genre to create your bioflic. 


You as an organizational leader are happy with your team member’s performance and want to use his/her example to motivate others. You also want to make him feel valued. We’d be happy to make a bioflic on your rockstars, star performers, role models, movers and shakers and energise your team.

Bioflic Series

You are an ideologue, public figure, strategist, innovator, mentor and influencer. You have a follower base and people want to hear from you. You matter to them. Go for Bioflic Series and impact people's lives like never before! Go LIVE with a slice of your life every week, fortnight or month. 

Gift a Bioflic

You can create a Bioflic for the special people in your life and show them as the ROCKSTARS they are... Parents, Grandparents, Wives, Husbands, Children, Friends, Well Wishers and anyone who matters. All have stories to share. Gift them precious  memories to be preserved forever! 

Watch Bioflic

Your bioflic defines YOU. Explore myriad video story telling genres to tell your story. Strengthen your digital presence. Insert below your email signature. Embed within your website and vlogs. Share extensively through social media. Let the world know the real YOU.

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